10 Free Blogging Tools For Instantly Growing Your Blog Traffic In 2022

Best Blogging Tools ForInstantly Growing Your Blog Traffic

There are plenty of free amazing blogging tools.  Along with that web services, software applications, and resources, and products are available and they are so powerful and effective that can instantly grow your blog. You can have hundreds or thousands or even millions of views per day. Start using these blogging tools from today only and grow your traffic nothing like anything. The best part is these tools are free so they’ll not make a hole in your pocket. 

With the help of these easy-to-use blogging tools, you can do everything a blogger should do such from idea creation to producing, publishing, and designing your content, to sharing, marketing, and promoting your brand. Also, these tools are easy to access and free. 

Here are some of the best free tools which I also use myself to grow my own blog and get thousands of readers around the globe fast:

Best FREE Blogging Tools to Grow Your Blog Quickly

1. Quora


Quora is the best place to ask questions and give answers. Earlier I used to ask many questions on Quora. It is a pretty cool thing that you ask a question about anything whether it was technical or household tips or about your relationship, child’s behavior, business advice, health-related, etc… then a variety of people in different industries answer you back. 

Quora can be a great place for generating content ideas. You can check which questions are being asked by people and create great content on that question.

This is not it Quora has more things to show. 

By answering questions, you can create your own authority in your niche. If you have a blog you can link your blog or your social media profiles as well. If you have a product and service, you can ask for feedback from people and can improve it. 

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s keyword planner tool is still one of the most accurate and trustworthy keywords research tools out there and it is absolutely free.

Without keyword research, it’s hard to rank on Google, Google Keyword Planner tool helps you to find low competition keywords that can bring you traffic. You can see also metrics regarding any keyword and choose appropriate ones.

3. Hemingway

If you write a lot of content, the Hemingway tool can be a life save for you. It helps you to make your writing clearer and easier to read. Many people write choppy and sometimes all over the place. If you are one of them.

Hemingway is here to help you out, It helps you avoid complicated, hard-to-read sentences, passive voice, and adverbs. It is more ideal for those who have to explain very deeply.

4. Canva


Canva is a design tool for those who can’t design. If you add an impressive image or infographic in your article definitely it’ll shot-up your share, and more share means more views. 

Especially on Pinterest! 65% of my traffic comes from Pinterest which shows you how important it is for bloggers.

So if you don’t know, how to design. Don’t worry Canva is not that much complicated, it is very simple and easy that anyone can design. 

It follows the simple rule of drag and drop, You just have to drag and drop the elements on the canvas, and your design will be ready within a minute. 

5. Jarvis AI (New)

If you are tired of writing articles and social media posts every day. Or your mind is just stuck and can think what to write. Jarvis Al will help you to write your article. 

With the help of Jarvis AI, you can write 5X faster. It will help you to write all the blog posts, social media posts, video scripts, course material, and more.

6. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Earlier it was known as Google Webmaster, Google search console helps you to index your pages and indexing status. It tells you all the vital data you need as a blogger. 

The Structured Data Markup Helper helps you markup elements on the webpage so that Google can understand your particular page.

After Google your website it starts to rank your website in Google Search Results. 

7. Print-Friendly and a PDF

It is a chrome extension that can transform your blog site into a PDF. If you want to help your user by providing an extra PDF of your article, Print Friendly is the tool to go with. 

The users can have a print and download the article. You can put a button on your site that is GDPR compliant. Very cool!

You can offer an informative Ebook to your user, this can be a great way to gain traffic.

8. Medium

Blogging Tools

Medium.com is a great blogging tool for publishing your content which is published on your website. It was launched in 2012 and since then many immature and experienced bloggers are working on it. 

Medium has a huge audience base so it is definitely a great place to get some exposer. You can add your articles here and the user will interact with them and maybe they visit your site as well.

It’s pretty easy, you just have to copy your site’s URL and post.

You can even connect your social media handles to some extra exposer. If you join their partner program you can get rewarded for your writing.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The analytics tool is a very essential part of the blogging journey and Google Analytics is the best on the list. 

To know that how your articles are doing, how the user is interested in your blog posts, How much time they are spending, where they are coming from, and much more vital information, you should use the Google Analytics tool.

After getting these vital pieces of information you can customize your content according to the info so that it can reflect on your search traffic. 

The best part of using Google Analytics is it’s Google’s tool, it means the information will be accurate and Google relies on its tool.

10. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

When you start blogging, sooner or later you have to use an email marketing tool because with outreach to your fellow bloggers it’s a bit hard to rank your website fast. 

That’s why email marketing tool plays a big role in bloggers’ life. Apart from outreaching to the other bloggers, email marketing tools have another uses as well such as sending notifications to your users about your new content and many more. 

Wrapping up

Now it’s your turn to tell, which blogging tools you guys use? We would love to hear about what you think the best free services and products out there are to grow your audience and build your site.

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