20+ Best Cracked iOS Apps Sites- Cracked IPA Sites In 2022

Cracked iOS Apps Sites

Want to download cracked apps for iPhone, IPad, or Macbook? No Need to worry, we have gathered more than 20 amazing sites that have vast libraries filled with apps in different categories. These apps feature both modded and paid apps for free.

IOS is considered to be the safest of all smartphones in terms of security. Due to its security features, it is not possible to download modded apps on iPhones, iPad, and macOS. These free modded apps provide users with more fun gameplay. 

That is why we have carefully researched and handpicked some of the best Alternatives to the Apple App Store. The App stores are reliable and provide plenty of modded apps to enjoy. Users can also enjoy paid IOS apps for free from these sites.

Best Cracked Apps For iOS For iPhone, iPad & MAC OS

Here is a list of some wonderful sites that will provide you with almost all the paid apps for free. Moreover, you will also find modified versions of popular IOS apps on these sites.

Most of these sites have their Apk version. You can also install these Apps to get a better user experience.

Let’s get started with our list.

1. iPhone Cake 

Cracked iOS

IPhone cake is unarguably the most popular cracked IOS apps site. IPhone cake has many different stores running. But the most popular app store for IOS is APP CAKE. App Cake provides users with a variety of different apks both modified and paid apps, free of cost.  

App Cake manages its app store very efficiently. All apps on App Cake are regularly updated. One downside of App Cake is it is ad-based.

Download App Cake 

2. iOS Ninja 

Cracked iOS

IOS Ninja is another big site where you can download cracked IOS apps for your iPhone, iPad, and any other Apple device. The site has a vast IPA library with many different apks. It features many paid apps for free. It also has different apk versions of the store.

Another amazing feature of the app is that it is ad-free. Download crack iOS Apps from iOS Ninja without any disturbance of ads.  

Visit iOS Ninja 

3. AppAddict 

Cracked iOS

AppAddict is another site with a vast library. You can download both crack IPA apps for OS and regular apps for your IOS device from the site. AppAddict has many different apps in different categories. You can not only download apps for iPhone and iPad but also macOS.

You can also download the App Addict store on your device. The user experience of the Store is amazing. There is no ad in this store to annoy users. You can download this cracked iOS app for free.

Visit AppAddict

4. Appdb 

Cracked iOS

Appdb is another store optimizer for iOS. Appdb has a vast library featuring content like apps for iPhone, iPad, and macOS. Other than the cracked IPA library and regular apps library the site also features different books. 

All the apps on the site are regularly updated. Moreover, you can also request your desired iOS apps on this site. Visit the site to download the best iOS apps.

Visit Appdb

5. AppEven 

Cracked iOS

AppEven is another AppStore where you will find tweaked apps and modified games for free. The AppStore has a vast library filled with regular, tweaked, and modified apps. You will find different apps in different categories. AppEven Store provides its users the opportunity to download jailbroke apps without jailbreak.

You will also find many Paid Apps for free. No need signup, download the app, and start using it right away.

Visit AppEven

6. CydiaBuzz 

Cracked iOS

Cydia Buzz is another website where you can download Jailbreak iOS apps. Moreover, all the apps on the site are arranged into different categories like Apps for PC, Apps for iPhone, and Jailbreak Apps. Cydia buzz gives a blog-like feel.

Although the theme of the site is not good. You will find many apps on the Cydiabuzz Website. 

Visit Cydiabuzz

7. HIP Store 

Cracked iOS

HIP Store is another amazing alternative to your regular AppStore. HIP Store provides its users with the opportunity to download Jailbreak apps for free. The HIP Store is not only available for iOS but also for android. It has a vast library filled with modified apps. You can also download paid apps for free.

Visit HIP Store

8. Ignition AppStore

Cracked iOS

Ignition AppStore is another Alternative to AppStore. The app provides tweaked apps for iOS for free. You can download Ignition AppStore on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.  The app has a vast library filled with different apps in different categories. Download Ignition AppStore for the best iOS-cracked sites.

Visit Ignition AppStore

9. Zeus AppStore 

Cracked iOS

Zeus AppStore is a Store with many tweaked apps that can be accessed on any IOS device without jailbreak. Zeus AppStore features content like free paid apps, emulators, and modified games for free. You might also find the platform a little annoying due to the ads on it.

 Visit Zeus

10. App Valley 

Cracked iOS

App Valley provides its users with a massive app library. With thousands of different games arranged into different categories, AppValley has a variety of content. It features modified games, paid apps for free, and many other useful apps.

Visit AppValley

11. Panda Helper 

Cracked iOS

Panda Helper Apps is another store that has plenty of third-party apps for android users. You can download emulators, games, video players, and many other iOS apps for free. Panda Helper also provides its users with a vast library that is updated with apps regularly. Download Panda Helper to download Cracked iOS Apps. Download and enjoy

Visit Panda Helper

12. FlekStore 

Cracked iOS

Flek store is another alternative to Apple Store that features different 3rd-party Apps and also allows users to download tweak apps without Jailbreaking their device. The AppStore is compatible with iOS 9.3.5 up to iOS 14. You can also add manual Repositories to download more new and useful apps.

Visit FlekStore

13. CyrusHUB AppStore 

CyrusHub is also an amazing alternative to iOS Ninja and other apps. You can download it for free. It also has a vast library from which you can hand-pick your favorite game or tool to download. You can download paid apps for free here. Download Cracked iOS Apps for free on your device. 

Visit CyrusHUB 

14.Tongbu  AppStore 

Download millions of Apps and games from the Tongbu AppStore free of cost. Download apps without jailbreak.  Download different tweaked apps, emulators, and games on your iOS device. Download and enjoy amazing apk packages for free.

Visit Tongbu

15. iPABox 

Cracked iOS

iPABox is another free app store where you can download ++tweaked (cracked) apps for iOS free of cost. It provides a wide range of apps in different categories. You can download games, emulators, media players, and many other apps. You can also download paid apps for free on this AppStore. Download iPABox to download from its Cracked IPA library.

Visit iPABox


If you are one of those people who want to enjoy cracked apps on your iOS device without any worry. You can download cracked iOS apps on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There are App Stores that let you enjoy tweaked apps for free without any jailbreak. You can also use these app stores to download regular apps for your site. Go through the given list and pick an app store of your choice.

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