Top Five Features Of OpenAir vs BQE Core- Best In 2022

Five Features Of OpenAir Vs BQE Core

Netsuite is a world-renowned name when it comes, and it revolutionized Cloud Computing back in 1998. It is functioning in 215 countries around the world with almost 29,000 trusted customers. Meanwhile, BQE Core was established in 1995 as software to support engineers where they could track projects, billings, and time as well. Openair vs BQE Core primarily provides accounting services to users where they can access details comprehensively.

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Netsuite Openair 

Openair provides services to various industries that include marketing, healthcare, beauty, education, energy, and retail. NetSuite Openair has a diverse range of products to match the needs of these various industries.

  1. ERP  

For an enhanced ERP experience, users are provided with financial management, accounting, supply chain management, inventory management, and global business management all on one platform. These products are managed with the help of features through which you can create plans, designate budgets, evaluate forecasts, and analyse progress.

Furthermore, you can manage different currencies, learn about tax rules, and report across different geographical locations and subsidiaries.

  1. Accounting 

Since Openair software’s key function is to organize the accounting process and make it easier. With Openair, you can maintain a general ledger and get rid of having to enter details manually. You can efficiently keep an account of all the details by customizing categories, account types, reporting segments, etc.

Moreover, you can manage local as well as global taxes with a single solution provided by Openair. You can optimize your business by further providing different payment methods to customers.

  1. CR Management  

For a brief overview of your overall system, you can gain a view where you can see customers, vendors, partners, and prospects. Furthermore, you can automate the marketing process with Openair, through which you can target, build, and execute your campaigns and ensure their success without wasting your time.

It is also useful to configure prices and quotes for the services and products when you need a nuanced system to generate prices.

  1. HR Management  

With Netsuite Openair software, you can also simplify the process of creating payrolls as well as updating GL accounts in real-time. In addition, with the HR management feature, you can manage employee goals and overview performance.

  1. Timesheet Management 

Through the Openair program you can enter data whether you are online or offline without losing data. Furthermore, you can add all of the critical details which are required by projects to organize details. And finally, you can further track your projects based on phases and tasks.

Netsuite is also able to accommodate other management tasks like manufacturing details including product costing, shop floor management, and material resource planning.

BQE Core 

There are some vital features of BQE Core that help you deal with the accounting process as well as manage projects in a way that maximizes the potential of your business.

  1. Accounting  

Accounting is made precise and comprehensive with invoices and cloud feeds. You can minimize the time which is spent on generating values by using these tools. With invoices, you can reduce client billing tasks and process them within minutes.

Cloud Feeds feature CORE that can link up with your bank account as well as credit card provider and also downloads your transactions. The process, which is usually lengthy and time-consuming, is therefore reduced and can eliminate the possibility of errors.

  1. Integrations 

To offer your projects maximum coverage, BQE core project management gives you access to their APIs through which you can connect with different applications such as Box, One Drive, and Google. You will be able to make transactions through ClientPay, LawPay, and CPA Charge.

Additionally, it is able to reduce repetitive tasks by automating the overall process. BQE’s partnership with Intuit is able to provide QuickBooks seamlessly.

  1. Human Resources 

BQE Core combines various features that make HR management an effortless process. Through the CORE HR manager, you can automate various processes that include paid-time-off balance, employee milestones, employee incidents, and salary history track.

The purpose of using a software manager generally is to save time, and BQE ensures that you are able to cut the hours of time which is usually spent on paperwork.

  1. Tracking Time and Expenses 

One other way to save time is to be able to track it. With BQE, you can integrate timesheets that have custom date range settings, and you can make sure that projects have suitable deadlines. You can even capture hours of projects and time off.

It is safe to assume that you can control every aspect of your enterprise and stabilize the work structure.

  1. Dashboards 

Having a custom dashboard is a simple way through which you can make sure that you are able to access the important tasks. In fact, you can also share dashboards with others to keep up the culture of accountability in your firm.

Since you will have access to information in real-time, you can prevent any potential business loss. The profit and loss widget generates business income statements and in fact, compares them with last year.

Openair Payments 

Netsuite Openair Pricing is strictly quote-based, and it is generated on a monthly basis. In order to avail yourself of the program designed to meet your needs, you can contact the vendor directly. BQE core project management has also shifted to a quote-based system, and they offer multiple deals with integrated tools and techniques for business solutions.

Both programs can easily provide support for large-scale enterprises that are looking for sustainable ways to resolve the problems of accounting and management in their company.

Final Review 

Both Netsuite Openair vs BQE Core cultivates a wide range of useful tools that can resolve your concerns regarding project management in relation to the accounting process. However, BQE integrates applications with five third-party systems and OpenAir relies on eleven. They’re both platforms that can transform the way you interact with budgeting and invoicing.

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