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We Help You To Get Succeed In Blogging Field And Give You The Best Knowledge In Very Simple Language Which Helps You To Make Passive Income.

Mustafa Al Mahmud


I am Mustafa Al Mahmud founder of Bloggerconcept.com, from Assam (India). Currently, I’m running other blogs also and earning a decent amount of money from that.

Let talks about this Site

We started this Site to helps every newbie bloggers who don’t have any technical knowledge but want to get success in blogging careers.

Want to know more about this blog?

What Is Blogger Concept Is All About?

Blogger Concept is a site that helps you to become a Perfect Blogger. In this blog, we talk about Blogging, Monetization, and much in simple language for beginner and as well for professional. We give proper guidance to start a new blog for newcomers where we use very simple language.

This blog helps you to seriously grow your blog and help you to generate the right amount of income (but If you work smart and don’t go for any quick rich).

Our main motto is to provide perfect knowledge to everyone which means we provide every concept of blogging in a simple language where anyone can learn blogging, even a non-technical person also, who aims to become a blogger.

Why We started this blog?

After thinking a lot we decided to start this blog for everyone who wants to become a blogger but due to lack of proper guidance, most of the newcomers quit their journey in the middle. But now everyone from beginner to pro can learn about blogging through our site. Most of the newcomers don’t have the technical knowledge and they don’t get any proper guidance too, so due to this they had to quit their blogging journey, so this blog especially for them. Here you can learn blogging without any technical knowledge means we will provide guidance from Zero to Hero.