5 Best Writing Apps For Bloggers In 2022 (Plan And Write Content Effectively)

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

What you might not know is that you can actually write better content if you can use several writing applications that suit your needs. That is why today we will talk about some of the best writing apps (applications) for bloggers and discuss how these application works to make better content creation plans.

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What should be considered when Selecting Applications For Writing?

As with any serious decision, the choice of writing application is quite draining. Some points you want to think about are:

1. Usability – Of course, no one likes complicated applications. This function of the software has been made carefully for them, so they fit the specific requirements of the author. If it doesn’t load and the boot has a bug, you might have to look elsewhere.

2. Editing Features – Editing will always go hand in hand with writing. In fact, it can be said that editing is the most important part of writing. This is a quality control section that helps you get rid of unnecessary text, replace the excessive text with better text, check grammar and spelling accuracy, improve mechanical accuracy, and more.

Everything you write enters the web and many readers. Thus, the choice of writing application must support in-depth editing and analysis of your article.

3. Specifications – I am a lover of diversity. That means I like it when one application can handle many functions. Even then, I wanted to know that the application I was using stood out in one respect. That way, I know why I did it for others because of that special offer. Every Blogger has different needs. Some writing apps are more suitable for screenwriters than for novelists. So in line with this article, what you have to look for is suitable for bloggers.

4. Integration – Even though it’s not really necessary, your writing tools come with a lot of integration that makes your work easier at some level. You will find that some of these applications have cloud support installed in them. It ensures that your content will always be safe and easily accessed from any computer and whenever you want to make edits or use documents.

In addition to cloud-based support, some writing apps for bloggers will even allow publishing to the website directly. If there are no obstacles, it will save time to load your website when copying and pasting content.

5. Other Features – This is a special feature for software users. There are lots of bloggers out there, each of whom has a different way to convey their message. Some may prefer to use short quotes to produce their content, while others will swear to be better writers.

What I would suggest for various classes of bloggers is that they choose content creators who will be able to offer the features they need to make their writing process faster and even more efficient. Of course, it all depends on the availability of the features they need. It is not recommended that you choose software with many features that you cannot use. Know what you need, then do it.

6. Functionality – Functionality is the first thing you should think about when choosing writing software. It is not uncommon to find different writing applications out there with a series of features that are not relevant to content writing. This software will most likely frustrate you in the end and with a sense of disappointment with the writing application used. It’s best to use functional applications instead of making lots of watery promises.

7. Interference – Have you ever slipped and come out of your imagination? Disruption comes to knock you out of the thought process? It has happened to me more than once and I can tell you how annoying that is. This goes on to underline the need for a writing application that offers you writing hassle-free.

5 Writing Applications that Help You Create a Better Blog Post

Taking all the criteria above will certainly be taken into consideration, here are five of the best blogger writing apps for bloggers that can be utilized to improve their writing game.

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

As the name implies, Dynalist is a writing application that allows you to organize your ideas in a dynamic list format. Now, it just scratches the surface of all the things this unique tool can do. Because of the nature of the application, there are several ways to write your content.

One of the most popular uses of Dynalist by bloggers is to arrange all their ideas in one place before they start writing at all. The layered list function in the Dynalist application helps you include subtitles and sub-ideas into your content creation plan.

Likewise, additional functionality that allows you to upload files to the application makes it easier to track media files that you will like in your posts and everywhere. Another way to write with Dynalist is to continue and build your content directly from within the application and then export it as an article when you are done.

The Dynalist content editor is perfect for bloggers who publish code snippets on their websites because of the sophisticated price reduction function.

Other features that you can enjoy with this application are checkboxes, numbered lists, calendar integration, and also for PRO features:

  • Neat list and item creation
  • Upload content
  • It handles code snippets very well
  • Free version with unlimited list support
  • Organize lists in different folders
  • Synchronize on multiple devices
  • Option to export a list
  • Support for hyperlinking
  • Share and collaborate on the list

2. Evernote


When it comes to the subject of note-taking, there’s really no other writing application that beats Evernote.

Evernote is one of the writing applications that has long been a top in the market. Evernote maintains a reputation as one of the ‘oldest’ online notebook authors. This is possible with cloud-based support in the application, helping you save all the notes you make for access later.

Speaking of access, Evernote also integrates a multi-platform system, allowing you to check content from any device. As long as your unit is connected to the internet, you can always see your Evernote content while on the go.

Perhaps one of the most important note-taking abilities of this writing software comes in audio note elimination. Even if you are pressed so hard that you cannot type, you can record your ideas and listen to them later.

It doesn’t seem fair to talk about everything that Evernote has saved for bloggers without mentioning its social media support. It allows you to post content to almost all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more with a simple tap, making your message in front of a larger audience better.

  • Take notes easily
  • Cloud support for files
  • Synchronization between devices
  • Social media integration allows easy sharing of ideas
  • Users can make audio notes
  • Notepad can also be used to sketch
  • Almost does not need the training to get started
  • Fast and effective document search

3. Google Docs


Google Docs is becoming one of the most widely used content writing applications in the world, and it’s not hard to see why that is happening.

This software is completely free for users and only requires ownership of a Gmail account (also free) to get access. That’s not even the best. Google Docs allows many users to collaborate on the same document in real-time, work on writing, or edit with everyone stored in a circle of what goes where.

A powerful dashboard brings all the tools a writer needs to start and finish their writing in the same place. That is not to mention the hassle-free writing mode that is brought along too. One useful feature that has been overlooked is the ‘Save as you go’ feature built into the software.

Combined with cloud support (and FREE 15GB of storage space to match), there is no limit to what you can make. Even paid plans offer far more for less.

When many collaborators work in the Google Docs section, you can make document privacy settings for each individual. That way, you will give trusted people access to edit while others may have fewer roles (read-only, in many cases) Coming with support for mobile applications on all platforms, content can be created and edited at any time.

  • Allows collaboration of multiple users with different permissions
  • A Freemium account allows you to do many things
  • Content created is usually ready to be published
  • The dashboard is loaded with important writing and editing tools
  • Upload convoluted files / content
  • Cloud storage allows access to content while on the go
  • Synchronization between multiple devices/platforms is possible
  • Unique links can be created for each content created for easy sharing/reference

4. Blogo


Blogo is content writing software that brings simplicity and strength to the table. Although it is only available for Mac users at the time of this writing. It has become one of the most preferred writing applications on the market today.

Blogo starts to run impressive features with support for offline content creation. You will find important things at times when you are not connected to the internet but still have new inspiration in your mind. This is then built on the basic content creation process by allowing users to edit images.

Furthermore, you will be able to publish content to your blog directly from within the application. That is made possible by integration into WordPress, BlogSpot and Media, and so on. There are distraction-free writing modes specifically designed to help writers guard their thoughts against other things while writing. This is better by offering impressive prices and dash support.

Where Blogo flips the button is in its blog management plan. You can manage many blogs at the same time from the writing application. You will even be able to read, moderate, and reply to comments on your posts with this application.

More than that, I think you will find options to manage featured images and update existing (published) posts from within the intuitive feature application.

With all this, Blogo will be the content editor about the steroid you are looking for.

  • Integration into BlogSpot, WordPress, and Media
  • Sync with Evernote to keep your notes and content as you wish
  • Manage multiple blogs at once
  • Reading and moderation of comments are possible
  • Default image and reduced quality support
  • Allows featured image settings
  • Offline writing mode

Your readers have the right to get well-written content at all times. However, you cannot always have an editor by your side to guide you through the process of writing content. What you can have is Grammarly, and that is the next best thing!

The main function of Grammarly is to examine your documents and help you correct problems related to spelling, organization of content, expressions, mechanical accuracy, grammar, and structure, to name a few. This type of AI, Grammarly makes it unheard of even like MS Word and Google Docs. It continues to highlight the importance of this tool for you.

The best part of Grammarly is the fluidity of its integration. You can have an extension in your browser and don’t need to send poorly written email / social media posts to your readers. Grammarly Grammar Checker

Apart from working as an integration, you can get Grammarly as an add-in for your MS Word. That, combined with Excel Word’s built-in Word, will create amazing combos that give you as a professional content writer and blogger in the end.

Of course, getting this add-in is only necessary if you feel it isn’t natural to write in the Grammarly online editor (which is equally great, by the way). You will be pleased to know that Grammarly is available on all mobile devices too. Their developer has made an Android & IOS keyboard that you can use to correct your text on mobile too (it’s completely free.)

I also have to tell you that if you prefer writing on Google Docs, you will be able to use the Grammarly integration (currently in beta.) Or you can copy and paste your Google Doc content into the Grammarly editor, do it there then paste edits above the original copy on Google Docs.

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