15 Big amateur blogger mistakes- Amateur Blogs Mistake In 2023

Amateur blogging: It’s very difficult for every new blogger to maintain their blogging journey mistakes-free.

Well, I know this is very common for almost every new blogger and I also committed so many mistakes in my blogging career that I can relate these things with me so you don’t have to worry about it because in this article I will share my those blogging mistakes that almost every amateur blogger do in their blogging journey.

Whatever it is, mistakes are always mistakes, and you have to fix the mistakes to become a successful/pro blogger,

In this post, I have covered all the mistakes that every amateur blogger makes when they start their blogging journey, and, trust me, after reading this post you’ll get to know about the many mistakes that you should avoid as a new blogger. And I must say that if you recover from the mistakes then definitely you will become a successful blogger in your life.

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NOTE – Benefits Of Reading This Article

amateur blogger

You’ll find almost every mistake that every amateur blogger makes in their life

You’ll also get to know the solution to every mistake which is listed here.

If you just start your blog then don’t waste your time by doing plenty of mistakes that a newbie makes then this post helps you a lot and many more

Let’s come to the point and talk about the mistakes that every amateur blogger makes:

  1. Choose the wrong niche for the blog
  2. Use subdomain or Free Domain
  3. Use cheap or free Hosting
  4. Choose a nulled theme and nulled plugins
  5. Horrible Blog Design
  6. No Technical SEO optimization on the blog
  7. Copying content from another blog
  8. No keyword research
  9. Unwanted and meaningless content writing
  10. Not Writing Consistently
  11. Build Backlinks without following guidelines or spamming
  12. Share articles on Social Media platforms
  13. Afraid to invest in tools/plugins
  14. No collaboration with other bloggers
  15. Have No patience

Choosing the wrong niche for the blog

Almost every amateur blogger do this mistake while choosing their niche, in the previous article we discussed how to choose a suitable niche or topic for your blog.

Many bloggers choose the niche which they don’t like most or choose a niche that is very highly competitive because they don’t have that much knowledge about the niche or about the competition of the niche. Before you choose your niche for your blog you can read our previous article.

Use subdomain or Free Domain

Using a subdomain or a free domain is one of the biggest mistakes that every amateur blogger makes in starting. A free domain or subdomain doesn’t get ranked on Google easily because they have less authority as compared to a custom domain or Top Level Domain (TLD).

A custom domain eg- .com, .net, or org is much more powerful than a subdomain like blogspot.com, .tk, etc. These custom domains rank on Google very easily so I always recommend you choose a custom domain for your blog.

And the most important thing is that having a custom domain in your blog builds trust in the viewers also. So you must choose a custom domain instead of a free or subdomain.

Having a custom domain gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your blog and helps you establish yourself as a brand.

If you are a new blogger who is doing this mistake, then I suggest you purchase a custom domain because the free domain can’t give you the results that you deserve in the longer run.

Some disadvantages of using a Free Domain Name:

You Can’t Control That Domain: Free domain providers didn’t give you full access to the domain. If you violate anything with the domain, then the domain provider has full right to suspend your domain temporarily or permanently, and with that, you can lose your all content.

If you thinking to buy a custom domain then you can buy it from many domain providers like Bigrock, Godaddy, NameCheap, etc. So visit today and buy your custom domain.

Use cheap or free Hosting

Almost every amateur blogger used choose either free hosting or cheap and slow loading hosting at starting and due to this their blog didn’t get ranked on the search engine.

If You don’t have good hosting then forget that you will rank on search engines because cheap or free hosting servers provide very slow site speed which means your site will load very slowly when users will access your site and this results in users of your user will bounce back from your site and this will affect on your site badly.

Google crawlers never rank a site having slow loading, just imagine about you, do you like a slow-loading website? No, never no one likes a slow website and that’s why Google also doesn’t like a slow-loading site and a free or cheap hosting provider will never give you faster loading.

I have done this mistake and I can relate to these things with me so I always recommend you not to choose any cheap or free hosting provider if you want to rank on google.

Good hosting is very essential for every blogger because it gives you a faster loading time and this will help your blog to rank on google easily.

Now many of you are thinking that all good hosting providers are costly, but this is wrong, not all good hosting providers are costly, There are tons of good hosting available in the market that state to provide Good Speed, Unlimited Bandwidth, and 24X7 Support,

You can find some good and cheap hosting providers on the list below

  1. Siteground ( Most of the blogger’s favorite hosting)
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostgator

You can avail of up to 70% discount when you purchase from the below link

  1. Click on this special discounted link to purchase hosting from Siteground
  2. Click on this special discounted link to purchase hosting from Bluehost
  3. Click on this special discounted link to purchase hosting from Hostgator

If you are an amateur blogger then I recommend you go with any Startup plan from any above-mentioned Hosting Provider because as a new website, you don’t have enough traffic so a basic plan will be enough for you.

Choose a nulled theme and nulled plugins

Choosing Nulled or cracked themes and plugins is also a big mistake, which is commonly found in every amateur blogger.

In starting I have also done this mistake. So I can relate to those things with me and I can say that this mistake can destroy your blog because almost every cracked or nulled theme contains malware which may lead to hacking your site and in most cases your site may not work properly if you use cracked or nulled theme and plugins on your blog.

Some benefits of using SEO Friendly premium or Free themes and plugins

  1. Regular basis updates
  2. 24/7 Support available
  3. No malware problem
  4. No technical issues on the site
  5. The site remains safe and secure

So I always recommend that if you are an amateur blogger then use only authentic and premium themes and plugins for your blog.

Horrible Blog Design

Designs matter a lot because people use to say that the first impression is the last. So if your blog doesn’t look cool or good then viewers will not like to visit your blog and this may lead to less traffic to your blog.

Being an amateur blogger you should avoid designing a horrible blog. Always try to make your blog eye-catching and easy to understand means a proper navigation menu should be there in the header and footer and also a good design in the body of your blog.

Designed With a Good Theme

To design an amazing blog choose a good-looking and SEO-friendly theme that can load faster because load time also matters so I always recommend you choose a premium and light theme for your blog. There are many premium themes available in the market, you find some best premium themes listed below.

  • GeneratePress: GeneratePress is a theme that I’m using on this blog, and many professional bloggers use the GeneratePress theme to run their blogs. GeneratePress theme is SEO-friendly and Mobile friendly. If you want a premium theme that gives you everything, Then you can go for it.
  • StudioPress Genesis Framework and Child Theme: Genesis framework and child theme is a very popular theme because this theme is SEO friendly and also very light so it loads very fast.
  • Design with Page Builder: There are lots of page builders available in the market which you can use to design your blog. The two most common plugins are Elementor and Thrive-Architect, however, Thrive Architect is premium but you can use Elementor for free a premium version of Elementor is also available but you can still use the free version.

I think now you get the point of why professional bloggers use premium themes instead of free ones. If you are confused to find premium themes, Let me help you,

No Technical SEO Optimization On The Blog

Technical SEO is very essential for a blog to rank on Google, many parameters need to be followed when doing technical SEO.

Some common and easy parameters should be used on your blog, and there should be a proper meta description on the blog, and a meaningful Tagline the most important thing is to try to focus your keyword on every parameter so that your blog homepage gets ranked on Google easily within a very short time.

Being an amateur blogger these things are not easy to do but still, I recommend you follow these things.

Copying content from another blog

Many amateur bloggers think that writing an article is a tough task and that’s why they copy from other blog content by doing some small modifications and without their permission, and that’s why they don’t rank on the search engine. Because the content they copied is already ranked on Google and the content they published comes into Plagiarism. Now many amateur bloggers don’t know the meaning of plagiarism so I will tell you what plagiarism is?

If we talk in simple language then plagiarism can be related to copying someone’s article and posting on any blog and Google never likes plagiarism; If you are doing this, then it’s like you are killing your site.

I strongly recommend you not to copy others, take your time and write yourself and check your article on some plagiarism checker like Small SEO Tools. Always try to write unique and meaningful content without any grammar mistakes using some essential tools like Grammarly.

No keyword research

Most amateur bloggers never research keywords and this is just like blindly writing something.

Keyword research is also an important part of blogging, in this generation blogging becomes very tough so without keyword research, you can’t rank on google. There are many keyword research tools available on the internet you can research your keyword from any of them.

Always try to write articles on low competition keywords with high search volume so that you can rank on the google search engine easily.

Unwanted and meaningless content writing

Unwanted and Meaningless content writing is also a common mistake of every amateur blogger.

If you consistently do this then your site will never get ranked on Google and your viewers will like to visit your site. To avoid such things you should research content, what actually do people want to read? You have to find that.

So again keyword research is necessary here to research your content before you write something on your blog. I hope you get the point.

Not Writing Consistently

This is one of the mistakes of every amateur blogger that should be avoided from now on to become a successful blogger. Because every blogger who just started, only writes a few articles on their blog and after a few months of waiting they don’t see results, so they think to quit the blog,

But this is a wrong assumption of every amateur blogger; you can’t get the rank of any blog by writing just a few blog posts, and you need more effort to get rank and traffic on your blog. If you want to see genuine results, then put more effort into writing content daily.

Keep writing consistently and focus on some organic keywords to get your blog noticed by google within a few months. I know in starting, you may face many difficulties while writing, but believe me, bypassing the days your writing skills will be definitely improved and you will love it after some days. Beginning days may be crucial for you but the result will be good for you.

When you write the article consistently, it becomes your habit, and you can easily create content without any burden.

What if I don’t know how to write an article?

Well, this is a common issue for every blogger, in the beginning, it is very difficult to write some good articles but “practice makes a man perfect”. If you practice daily and work hard and smartly on your blog then nobody can stop you become a successful blogger.

So do practice and be patient also to get success.

Here are some ways to find a topic for your blog

Find topics for your blog post (You can use a website like Quora or Reddit to find ideas) then do some keyword research on that topic and find some low competition and high search volume keywords (For finding keywords you can use a tool like Ubersuggest it’s paid but you can use it for free also with some restriction)

Build Backlinks without following guidelines or spamming

Is backlink creation crucial for amateur bloggers?

If you are a new blogger, then your answer will be “Yes” it is, and I agree with this, but amateur blogger has a misconception that for ranking a new site you have to make lots of backlinks in the start, yes somewhere it is correct but not 100%.

Backlink creation comes under Off-Page SEO and off-page SEO is necessary to rank but also remember that On-Page SEO is most important than off-page SEO.

I always recommend you to create a natural backlink, don’t spam while creating backlinks, spamming backlinks commenting on another blog post with a backlink, forum backlink generation, etc. this type of backlink is spam and Google may penalize you for this act so always avoid creating spam backlink.

I recommend you, at the start do some extra effort into creating content rather than creating backlinks. When you do this then you will automatically get a backlink from your others if your content is unique and meaningful.

You can write a guest post for other blogs to get a high-quality natural backlink.

Not sharing articles on Social Media

The tragedy of every amateur blogger is that they don’t get enough traffic on their blog?

Why they don’t get traffic or just get less traffic?

Well, it is very clear that every amateur blogger just depends on organic traffic and they never use to share their post on social media that’s why they don’t get traffic on their blog.

In the beginning, no one can get better organic traffic on a new blog due to its less authority in Google or other search engine platforms, so I always recommend you don’t depend on organic traffic at the beginning.

What are the benefits of sharing a post on social media? Does Google like social signals?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. can give you social traffic, and Google also like this type of traffic, this can improve your website authority and after a few days, you will start to get organic traffic also.

So I think now you understand how social media traffic helps your new website to rank and as well as also helps you to increase your website traffic.

Afraid to invest in tools/plugins

Almost every amateur blogger makes this mistake in their blogging career. Even though I made this mistake when I started my blogging career, I was also scared to invest money in plugins, tools, etc. But gradually, I understand that without investing money in the necessary things, is very difficult to rank.

When I started investing money in my learning, plugins, and tools, I got the result within a very short time.

So If you also want to see your growth on your blog, then stop making this mistake and start investing money in necessary tools and plugins for your blog which can help to boost your blog faster.

Here are some tools and plugins which you can use to learn and grow your blog.

  • Grammarly (Online grammar-checking Tool)
  • Thrive Architect (Plugin for Designing Your Blog)
  • Ahref (Best In One SEO tool)

If you want to take blogging as a business and invest your money in it you’ll see the results soon as compared to other bloggers who are scared to invest money in their blogging business.

No collaboration with other bloggers

Collaboration is also necessary to become a successful blogger, if you want to become a good blogger then you should collab with other bloggers, this will help you to grow your blog, you can learn many things from professional bloggers when you collab with them.

And I found that almost all amateur bloggers never collab with other bloggers, however, it’s not mandatory but still I recommend you to collab with other bloggers so you can get some idea about a blog because sharing knowledge among the bloggers can grow their blogs.

Have No patience

Last but not least patience is the most important thing in a blogging career if you don’t have patience then forget blogging. Blogging it’s not a short time success, it takes some time to get success so you have to be patient and work hard at the beginning.

I have seen lots of amateur bloggers mistake who don’t have patience and quit their blogging journey after a few months of starting because they think that they will not get successful in blogging.

But this is wrong, success never comes in a short time it takes some time, you have to be patient and work consistently and the success will be yours.

Now It’s Your Turn!

In this post, I have covered almost every mistake that every amateur blogger made when they start a new blog,

If you are making any mistakes from this list which I told above, then I suggest you avoid them today because it can destroy or ruin your blogging career and also your valuable time.

So that’s all from my side, I hope you get some idea from this post I think I can make you understand some of the mistakes that every amateur blogger made,

If you have any doubts related to blogging then you can comment below we will definitely get back to you with the solution. Till then have a great day.

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