How To Stop Avast From Blocking A Program In Windows In 2022

How To Stop Avast From Blocking A Program?

Avast has some of the best security measures to protect your PC and nothing goes past it without being noticed. That’s why when we try to install a program, avast scan it and sometimes block it. Even though your program is safe, avast false positive reports as threats. That’s why in this article, we will explain how to stop avast from blocking a program or add it to the Avast exception list.


How to Stop Avast From Blocking a Program

It’s not the fault of antivirus to block a program from installation, it’s the security measure that stops it. Avast takes Potentially Unwanted Programs threats seriously which comes with a safe program and spies on your PC. if any of your programs are blocked by avast self-defense, then here is how to stop avast antivirus temporarily.

  • Find avast icon in the taskbar
  • Right-click on the icon and select avast shield control
  • Now you can find many options such as disable avast for 10 minutes, 1 hour, and others. If you just need to install a program, then 10 minutes is a sufficient amount of time, but to make sure that it won’t delete the program, click on disable avast permanently.
  • When you click on that option, avast will prompt a window to ask for permission. Click on the ok and avast will be disabled temporarily.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can either restart your PC or go to the same option and enable protection in avast.

This way, you can install any program that is blocked by avast self-defense. But one of the issues is when you run that program, avast will block the process and stop it from opening. To make sure that the issue with How to Stop Avast From Blocking a Program never happens, here is how to add programs to the avast exception list.

Add programs to Avast Exception List

Avast exception list or as people call it avast exclusion list, is a feature that allows users to visit websites or run programs along with accessing certain folders as well.

  • Open avast antivirus and go to settings
  • Now find an exception from the left side
  • When you click on exceptions, you will be asked to add exceptions. You can add a file path, folder path, or URL.
  • Now in the exceptions, you can browse the program file by clicking on the browse button.
  • Now find the program in that and click on the exe file, for example, we have selected the avast UI exe file for an exception.
  • Now go back to the exception windows and you will find the program path in the avast exception list.

Now you can open that program without worrying about avast blocking it. This way your program will run uninterrupted by avast. If you wish to disable avast permanently do it from the task manager. There are also other ways to stop avast from blocking a program.

  • When avast detects new programs that it feels like an avast false positive, then it will send it to the avast virus chest. The program won’t get deleted permanently but will be kept in the virus chest. Now the user can go to the virus chest and restore the file with exception as well. Here we have added Microsoft excel into the avast virus chest and now we will restore it with an exception.
  • To solve this issue permanently, you can send it for analysis to the avast lab as well. Just follow the above method and instead of restoring and adding exceptions, choose to Send for analysis. It will ask you to select between potential malware or false positive. You can select false positives and write about how this program is harmless. With the next update, avast will stop blocking this program.

We have mentioned some of the safest ways to operate avast and solve how to stop avast from blocking a program. Now you can enjoy your program without any worries.

FAQ for Fixing Avast Blocking a Program

1. How do I unblock a program on Avast?

Go to avast antivirus, then settings, and add an exception. Now add that programs’ exe file location as an exception and avast will not block it again.

2. How do I temporarily disable Avast?

It’s easy to temporarily disable avast, just find the avast icon in the taskbar and right-click on it. Find avast shield control and select disabling avast time from 10 minutes to permanent.

3. How to restore programs from avast virus chest?

Go to the avast virus chest and select the program. Now click next to delete and you will find the restore option. You can also add an exception as well.


We hope this article will help you find a solution to how to stop avast from blocking a program. We have mentioned a few ways to fix this issue including an avast exception list as well. If you have any questions regarding avast blocking programs, ask us in the comment section

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