Best Android Themes- Best Theme For Android In 2023

Best Android Themes: If you are bored with the default theme of your Android device. We Understand you, Not everyone has the same taste for things. Every person is unique and has special needs. That is why we have researched and gathered different Android theme Applications for you.

An Android Theme Changer is an application that changes the look of your Android Phone. It changes different things including phone wallpaper, icons, font, and style. All of the Android theme applications given in the article have a diverse library filled with different designs created by brilliant graphic designers.

No need to stick with the default theme. Change your phone theme to the Best Android Theme changers. All of these apps have numerous designs. Select the app that suits your taste and download it.

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Best Android Themes 

You can download themes on your smartphone by downloading a file on your phone from your browser or via Play Store. Downloading from Play Store is safe because all the apps are verified. That is why we have made a list of the Best Android Themes/Launchers from the Play Store. Go through all of the applications and select the app that perfectly suits you.

1. GO Launcher -Themes &Wallpapers 

GO Launcher -Themes &Wallpapers 

Go Launcher is an  Excellent tool popular for changing the overall look of your Android Phone. It provides its users with plenty of customization options. Go Launcher has thousands of beautiful themes and Wallpaper for your Android Smartphone. 

They have different themes and wallpapers in different categories that are updated daily. Anyone can find themes for their smartphone easily on GO Launcher. Download GO Launcher for the best android Themes.


  • Free
  • 10,000 plus Wallpapers and Themes 
  • Auto Update library every day 
  • Beautiful designs in different categories.
  • Comes with security tools like App Lock, Hide Apps, and Dr.Clean 


  • Some useful features are paid.
  • Ad-based Platform 
  • Makes your Phone Slow


2. APUS Launcher 

APUS Launcher 

Apus launcher is another App that will make your Android phone smoother and more convenient with its vast library of attractive themes and wallpapers. It changes your phone into a completely different phone with its stylish themes.

It has beautiful themes in different categories that will change your Phone wallpaper, icons, and interface of most of the apps. Just select a theme and you will get your whole Phone set up according to that theme.


  • A vast library of Themes and Wallpapers 
  • Provide the option of full Customization 
  • Useful apps come with it (App Lock, Hide Apps) and Widgets.
  • Free to download 
  • Suitable for low-end devices


  • Add pop-ups on the home screen.


3. U Launcher 3D 

U Launcher 3D 

If you are not satisfied with regular themes and wallpapers then U Launcher 3D is for you. It is no ordinary launcher. It contains 3D wallpapers and themes that give great look to your phone. It has a vast library of realistic 3D wallpapers and themes in different categories.

Select a theme for your phone and your whole smartphone will be changed for your from wallpaper, and icons to the interface of your apps. Moreover, it comes with different useful apps with wonderful features. Download U Launcher 3D for the Best 3d Android themes experience 


  • Free Application 
  • Realistic 3d Themes and Wallpapers 
  • A vast library of themes.
  • Comes with useful tools ( Hide Apps, App Lock, Quick Search, Smart Folder, and widgets)


  • Ad-based 
  • Not Suitable for Low-End Devices


4. Cool Black Launcher Theme

Cool Black Launcher Theme 

Love Black? You will love this app. Cool Black Launcher is an app that has a variety of themes in the Black shade. You will find modern, stylish, and minimalistic themes and wallpapers in Black Shade. Themes and wallpapers in the app are not all black you will also find a variety of other themes.

You will also find realistic-looking 3d and Live Wallpapers. If you have a low-end phone don’t apply 3d and Live Wallpapers because they will eat your battery.


  • The library is filled with plenty of themes and Wallpapers 
  • Auto update Library every day 
  • App size is only 3MB 
  • Free to download 
  • Suitable for Low-End devices


  • Add-based


5. CMM Launcher

CMM Launcher

CMM Launcher is a popular app filled with a variety of themes and Wallpapers that are updated regularly. CMM features themes in different categories like modern, neon, stylish, etc. Its themes are perfectly optimized for low-end devices. CMM Launcher changes the look of your phone from top to bottom.

It features hundreds of themes and each theme comes with optimized icons and other features. Download the best themes for your android device.


  • Free to download 
  • A vast library that is updated every day 
  • Advance Search Option to find your apps 
  • The app is light in size 
  • Suitable for low-end devices.


  • Some features are paid 
  • It is an add-based platform 
  • Some time app loses its settings 


6. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a great app with plenty of themes and Wallpaper. It provides its users with the ability to customize everything on their android phones. It has a vast library with beautiful-looking themes. It also gives users the ability to save their custom theme in case of switching phones. It also takes less battery and less storage as compared to its competitors.

Download Nova Launcher for the best Android theme experience.


  • Free to use 
  • Custom themes and Wallpapers 
  • Custom theme Icons 
  • Backup and Restore 
  • Storage and battery effectiveness.
  • Plenty of Themes Options 
  • Come with useful apps (Hide Apps, App Lock, Widget)
  • Size Effective


  • No Cons 


7. Alpha Hybrid Launcher 4D theme

Alpha Hybrid Launcher 4D theme

Alpha Hybrid Launcher is another great application with plenty of features for your Android device. You can download plenty of themes and wallpapers for your android Smartphone. It offers features aside from themes in different categories.

It features a voice assistant, Alpha Search, Hide Apps, and many other useful features.


  • Multiple themes to choose from 
  • Features useful apps like Voice Assistant, Dialer, Hide App, etc 


  • Ads



Living with a phone with the same interface every day is boring. If you want to change the only thing you see every day in your home. Now is the time. We have collected a list of the Best Android Launchers that you can use to change the themes and wallpapers of your Android Phone. Download the best android themes for your Android Phone now.

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