10 Best Chrome Screenshot Extensions In 2023

Chrome Screenshot Extensions For Google Chrome

Are you looking for the best Chrome screenshot extensions? Screenshots are the ultimate way to save information in the form of images. Screenshots have made lives easier and we can easily take care of information that we want. It is the easiest way to save something on your device.
However, it is not the case for all devices.

For mobile phones and tablets, you just have to click buttons and your screenshot saves automatically. But on PC you have to press key combinations to take a screenshot which is normal but still not very straightforward.

So to comfort you, we have created this list of the 10 best Chrome screenshot extensions that you can use.

10 Best Chrome Screenshot Extensions

1. Cipular


The first Chrome extension is Cipular. It is an amazing screenshot extension. It saves your screenshots in an organized way and doesn’t mix them up. It also keeps track of the time, date, and web page when you take a screenshot. This is a unique feature that only a few screenshot extensions provide. If we talk about the interface it is basic and simple.

2. Awesome Screenshots

Awesome Screenshots

The next best chrome screenshot extension is Awesome Screenshot. It is one of the best extensions. It allows you to take screenshots and adjust them. You can take screenshots of some parts of the screen. You can even blur sensitive information if you want. You can take screenshots in just one click. It has a decent rating and over 2M+ users across the globe. The people who have used the Awesome Screenshots extension are satisfied with it.

3. Lightshot

Lightshot is a simple yet powerful screenshot extension. It allows you to take screenshots of a complete page or just selected parts. You can share these screenshots or save them. The interface of Lighshot is easy to use and you can take and save screenshots in a few clicks. It is a useful extension as it is simple and nice.

4. Fireshot

Fireshot is another amazing extension for Chrome. It allows you to take full-page screenshots and some parts of the page. You can also edit your screenshots with the help of its inbuilt editor. It is one of the best because it also allows you to save screenshots in different formats like JPEG, PNG, PDF, and more. This feature is rare and useful as you can save them as you want.
It is worth trying!

5. Screen Capture

Screen Capture

If you are looking for an extension that not only takes screenshots but also records videos then you should choose Screen Capture. The primary function of Screen Capture is to take screenshots but it is a reliable option to record videos. You can also record your voice and save them for later use. Many people use this extension and are satisfied with it. You should also try it out!

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6. BlipShot

Blipshot is a screenshot extension with amazing features. It allows you to take screenshots and also save them as a file. The feature that makes it different is that it saves the date, time, and the page name you took a screenshot of. This makes it easy to remember and differentiate. With one click you can take screenshots and save them with great accuracy.

7. Ninja Capture

The next Chrome screenshot extension is Ninja Capture. It is more than a screenshot extension as it also gives you the facility to record videos. You can take full-page screenshots and selected parts as well. You can add a timer before it takes a screenshot. You can also record audio with this extension. It is an overall package.

8. Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot is another awesome extension to record videos and take screenshots. You can also edit your videos and screenshots in the Nimbus Screenshot editor. The editor is basic and you can do basic editing on it.
You can take screenshots in desktop and mobile layouts. It is a nice extension, you should try it out.

9. Scribe


Scribe is a decent extension. It is best for creating guides. You can record a video. The scribe notices your cursor movements. The interface of Scribe is attractive and worth noticing. It is a time-saving extension and you can record valuable information without having to deal with any kind of issue.
It is overall a nice choice.

10. ClickUp

The last Chrome screenshot extension on our list is ClickUp. It is an interesting chrome extension and works best for people who manage something. With the help of this extension, you can schedule timings, plan tasks, and do other stuff that helps in management. It is not just a screenshot extension. Many people use ClickUp and get their everyday tasks done. So do check it out.


Taking screenshots is a simple task but it helps us a lot. You can save sensitive information like online payment or chat with the help of screenshots. So in this blog, we have shared the 10 best Chrome screenshot extensions that you should try!

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