15 Best Coming Soon HTML Templates 2024

Free html coming soon page 2023

If you are a business owner or an organization and you just bought a domain for your business but have not started the development of the website yet or it is under development. You should definitely use a coming soon HTML free template. It is very necessary to use an HTML CSS coming soon page with a countdown timer. Coming soon or under construction are temporary option but it becomes very useful when you intend to launch a new application or online project because it informs your potential readers that you are working on something.

If you don’t want to lose your visitors you can use the subscription button along with the coming soon or under construction page so that when your website gets launched, your potential visitors get a notification. Other than you can send those visitors to your social media handles through the subscription option.

Anyway, we have talked a lot about the importance of the coming soon or under construction page. Now let’s get into the list of best free websites coming soon with HTML templates without further ado. 

List of 15 free coming soon template html

In this list, we have kept only the coming soon website template free.

1. Bootstrap 5 Coming Soon HTML Template

Bootstrap 5 Coming Soon Template

Bootstrap is an under-construction html template that 5 provides a free coming soon page to act as your landing page for a project under construction. The best part is it comes with a video background image with a newsletter signup form.

2. Petals Coming Soon Page Bootstrap HTML Template

Petals Coming Soon Page Bootstrap HTML Template

Petals are also like Bootstrap but it is mainly dedicated to new projects such as websites, products, services, online courses, and more. It has a beautiful background that will grab the visitor’s attention and make sure they are focused on your message.

3. Imminent coming soon HTML template

Imminent has more modernity and style in it and it is free. This coming soon page provider is filled with full of features and it is a full-featured, handcrafted website template, built with attention to detail. You can use it for different types of websites such as agencies, personal sites, small businesses, etc. You’ll love this coming soon page because of its versatility.

4. Tust coming soon HTML template

Tust is best for its sleek and responsive design. Because of its sleek design, it can fit in any type of genre for its countdown. It is the perfect template page for your visitors to keep informed about the upcoming website launch. Tust comes with a countdown timer so that your visitor can know the exact launch date. Tust is very customizable and easy to use. 

5. Khronos coming soon HTML template

Khronos is another creative package for your website’s coming soon page. You can it anywhere because of its sleek, dark, and clean design which makes it perfect for all creative people, businesses, agencies, or anyone who is building their site and wants to show off a glimpse of their future website in a creative way. It comes in three styles: static, slideshow, and particle background. 

6. SeedProd HTML Coming Soon Page

SeedProd is also an amazing coming-soon page, you can download it for free. This could also be a great coming-soon page website to use while it’s under construction and it is Built with Bootstrap, HTML, and CCS3.

7. Wesoon Creative Coming Soon HTML Template

Wesoon Creative Coming Soon

Wesoon is more creative and filled with punchy colors that look modern and eye-catching. The coming soon comes with a countdown timer that has a classy look with a beautiful color scheme and is suitable for any type of upcoming or under-construction website. The design of Wesoon is fully responsive and looks great on every device. You can use it to make an eye-catching coming soon page for your website as well. 

8. Advent Coming Soon HTML5 Theme

Advent is an elegant and modern free HTML5 coming soon template. This is an ideal template for an offline business to inform visitors about the exact website launch date. Advent comes with a countdown timer and a Google Maps section which is to tell the exact location of your offline store. Also the Ajax Mailchimp subscription form.

9. Soon – Free HTML5 Bootstrap Coming Soon Template

Soon is a free coming soon template, the template is for the essential launch of the site and it comes with a countdown timer so that visitors can know the exact date and time of the launch.

10. Season One Page Coming Soon Template

It is a free HTML coming soon template and this is created with Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Love. The season is a sleek design bootstrap coming soon template. It comes with a slider in the top section and royalty-free images.

11. Maundy Free Coming Soon Theme

Maundy - Free Coming Soon Bootstrap Theme

Maundy comes with a free countdown timer along with a section in which you can add information about your team members, your business, your group, and more. The is very easy to customize the coming soon page.

12. Imminent 3D Parallax Coming Soon Template

Paraloax is a free coming-soon page template with HTML5 and CSS. There is a catch also you’ll not find a coming soon page for free with a parallax 3D effect. This is totally a paid coming soon template. 

13. Zoon – Free responsive coming soon site

Zoon is another free and responsive coming soon template. It is a simple, clean, and mobile-friendly coming-on template. It comes with the same features that the previous ones come with such as a countdown timer, a Google Maps section, and an about section where you can add information about your team, company, group, etc. It is very easy to customize the Zoon Coming Soon page.

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14. Get Ready Template

Get Ready is the simplest coming soon HTML page with a countdown feature and full-page pop-up main menu. It also comes with a zoom image slider which makes it more attractive.

15. Progress – Free Coming Soon Website Template

Progress – Free Coming Soon Website Template

This free responsive coming soon page has a jQuery countdown ticker and ScrollSpy to initiate CSS fading animations on scroll. Progress uses the carousel plugin “Owl Carousel” for the changing quotes.

Wrapping Up

That is the list of 15 Best Free Coming Soon HTML Templates, If you liked it then don’t forget to share this on your social media handles and if you have any suggestions then please let us know by commenting down below.

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