How to Find Best Kik Groups Chat Rooms for Yourself in 2023

Kik is an instant messaging app active since 2010, it contains both private messages and group chat rooms. Thanks to applications like this one, communicating with other people and keeping in touch is much easier.

This app is appealing to people who want to meet people from all over the world and still maintain some anonymity. It should be noted that the community that enters this platform the most is adolescents since the minimum age to register is 13 years. However, there are people of all ages interacting on this network. For this reason, you have to be very careful with what content is shared between users to avoid discomfort or unfriendly treatment.

KIK App Features

  1. Usernames: Unlike other messaging apps that require a phone number to sign up, this only requires a username, making it more private and secure.
  2. Group chats: Kik allows users to create and join group chats with up to 50 members. Group chats can be private or public, and users can be added by username or through a group code.
  3. Bot integration: Kik has a Bot Shop where users can find and interact with bots for a variety of purposes, such as shopping, entertainment, news, and more.
  4. Stickers and emojis: Kik offers a wide range of stickers and emojis that users can use to express themselves in chats.
  5. Video and voice calling: Kik allows users to make video and voice calls to their contacts, one-on-one and in group chats.
  6. Chat customization: Users can customize their chat experience by changing the chat bubble colors, chat backgrounds, and font styles.
  7. Security: Kik employs end-to-end encryption for all messages sent between users, ensuring that messages are secure and private.
  8. Games: Kik offers a variety of games that can be played within the app, either alone or with friends.

How to find the best chat rooms on Kik?

The Kik app has a very entertaining option to share in group chats with up to 50 participants per room. Finding them is pretty simple both inside and outside the app. To start you must go to the AppStore or PlayStore and download the application. Once installed, the message “explore public groups” appears immediately. Then as time goes by and as you add people and chat on this app, you look for that option again by clicking on “new message” and there select the “public groups” option.

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Once in “public groups” the most popular tags (#) of groups appear within the app. The best thing about these chat rooms is that they are integrated with people with the same interests as you. Suppose then that you select the Anime tag and you will be able to find up to 50 people from all over the world with the same interest in Japanese animation.

The number of participants in the room appears next to the chat. But the fact that they are almost full does not mean that they are so active, since users must leave manually if they no longer feel like chatting in the group. The way to join these group chats is to select the group after searching for a specific tag (#) and it will open a page with a list of all the members and the option to “Join the public group”. Clicking join will open the chat.

Kik Groups Chat Rooms

It’s that easy to join public groups and just as easy to leave once you’re done chatting. You just have to press and hold the chat and then press “leave” to stop participating in the group or enter the options and from there, there is also the option to “leave the group”.

This is not the only way to get people to chat on Kik. Other web portals collect information on how many groups and different interests are under the tags (#) on KiK. For example, Reddit has a list specifying topics for the groups on KiK and they are updated from time to time, so there are always new groups or topics to discuss.

Another option to find the best KiK chat rooms outside of the same app is Tumblr where thousands of users also share specific interests and then talk in public KiK groups. These are found by doing a search on Tumblr with “KiK group rooms” or “kikKiK group chats”. There is also a way to get these chats through Facebook groups. However, the community for that social network is not as active in updating the lists of public chats such as Reddit or Tumblr.

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