14 Best Divxtotal Alternatives To Download Torrents 2023

Divxtotal was one of the main torrent download websites until it was gradually banned by phone companies. It is true that said website can still be used, but we are forced to use alternative methods to do so, something that many people consider quite heavy and others do not even know how to do.

However, as we well know, file-sharing websites and those dedicated to watching movies online are usually highly persecuted because they compromise copyright, so the recommendation is not to use them, and opt for alternatives such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or similar that have a free trial month, for example

14 Best Divxtotal Alternatives

The issue is that you cannot put doors on the field, so if you are one of those who are looking for options to watch movies and series on the Internet, keep reading that we are reviewing sites that work in 2022. As you read it: so that we complicate life, we leave you the best alternatives to Divxtotal in 2023.

1. GranTorrents

GranTorrents as an alternative to Divxtotal is your best option if you want to be able to download content of all kinds. This website is efficient and allows you to exchange files easily and quickly. In addition, most of the content downloads are free because they are executed via P2P (Peer to Peer)

By using GranTorrents as an alternative to Divxtotal, you will be able to download all the content you want from anywhere since it does not require an Internet connection to do so. P2P networks are nothing more than computer network that allows communication between applications without the need to be online or have fixed servers.

2. Elite Torrent

Elite Torrent is one of the best-known Torrent websites currently on the net, very similar, as far as the catalog is concerned, to Divxtotal. The positive part of EliteTorrent is that its advertising is not intrusive and it is much easier to browse this website than other alternatives.

3. Mejor Torrent

Mejor Torrent has a design quite different from Dixtotal, but with a good catalog of movies (divided into normal and HD) and series mainly, although it also has a section for games, for music, and another called “varied” where they include various themes. Mejor Torrent has suffered from the occasional blockage, but it is currently operational again, although we will have to see for how long.

4. YTS.am

YTS.am is another very popular Divxtotal alternative due to the quality of its content. What makes it different is that the web developers verify each torrent file 100%, so that no one comes across unpleasant surprises when downloading something that doesn’t usually happen on websites like GNULA and alternatives.

At YTS.am we have the possibility to download content in 720p. 1080p and even in 3D, which can give you an idea of ​​the volume of its catalogue, very close to DivxTotal.

5. Limetorrents

Limetorrents is another good alternative to Divxtotal. The majority of Limetorrents content is in English, although it also has a lot of quality content in Spanish. In Limetorrents the same thing happens as in YTS.am, the files are verified to assure all its users that they are safe and that the content is what we are looking for.

Limetorrent offers us movies, video games, series, and even programs for PC and other types of devices. For all this, it is a very interesting alternative to Divxtotal.

6. Bityouth

Bityouth is not a website where you will find the latest in movies, as if we had DivxTotal, but we can download some of the best and most memorable in the history of cinema since its catalog is made up of films that were a success at the time. It has a fairly clean, comfortable, and intuitive interface, as well as few ads compared to what we’re used to seeing online. If you are passionate about free movies, you can not stop going through this alternative to Divxtotal.

7. SubTorrents

Another alternative to DivxTotal is SubTorrents, whose specialty is offering subtitled movies and series (VOSE), as we can deduce from its name. The catalog is very extensive and the level of updates is excellent, but the advertising can be extremely annoying.

8. Infomaniakos

Informaniakos is another alternative to Dixtotal, with a more limited catalogue. Infomaniakos is a torrent website in the style of DivxTotal, where we will find a fairly extensive catalogue, but with a slightly slow update level for what is in style today. The interface seems very successful to us, with very well-defined sections that are easy to use and understand.

9. EstrenosGO

EstrenosGo has a good catalog of movies. This alternative to DixTotal has a large number of movies, where the most current ones are its main attraction. It is not that you are going to get the best Netflix series in 2020 there, but you will surely find interesting options.

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The design of EstrenosGo is quite clean and intuitive, with moderately annoying advertising and the possibility of viewing movie trailers. In addition, we can download the movie we want in its original version with subtitles.

10. Don Torrent

Don Torrent is a website with a good catalogue, not just movies, which we can choose to download in normal, HD, or even 4K resolution. There are also series (normal or HD), documentaries, music, games, and a “varied” section to place everything that is not defined by the previous sections.

Don Torrent’s interface is a delight in simplicity, as well as being easy to use and informative enough for the user. It is surprising, and more so these days, that we do not have advertising anywhere.

11. PCTnew

PCTnew is a very interesting website as a Divxtotal alternative. The latest alternative to Divxtotal is called PCTnew, a direct successor to the extinct NewPCT.com, with the same aesthetic. Its catalogue is very extensive, it has a fairly well-cared interface and it doesn’t have too many problems working with it, although the advertising is annoying and intrusive.

12. Games Torrent

If games are your thing, at Games Torrents you will find a portal that specializes in games of all kinds, from PC to consoles. And you can also find some of those discontinued gems from the past that you grew up with. It is a page that starts with a search engine to find the game you are looking for and then allows you to get to the torrent download quite easily (without advertising pages that open and destroy the experience).

13. Pelispanda

A very cute name for a torrent page with a simple visual design focused on downloading movie torrents. At the time we wrote the article, the page appears down, although it is very likely that the problem will be solved in a short time. The worst thing about this page is that in order to download torrents you are going to have to go through a rather heavy process that we have already seen in other alternatives, and which consists of having to click on a Google search result of a website and stay on the page for a few seconds for the link to appear.

14. SubTorrents

Another alternative to DivxTotal is SubTorrents, whose specialty is offering subtitled movies and series (VOSE), as we can deduce from its name. The catalog is very extensive and the level of updates is excellent, but the advertising can be extremely annoying.

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