10 Best PDF To EPUB Converters For PC 2022

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Here we have given a list of the 10 best PDFs to EPUB converters. If you are someone who deals with documents daily then you must have come across problems that are related to the format of the PDF. In most places, you require PDF format and in some places, you might require an ePUB format. So to deal with this problem, millions of people around the world use PDF converters.

These converters are used to convert documents from one format to another. These can be very helpful when sending a document to someone. There are a lot of converter options for other formats on the internet but very few for the ePUB format, so in this blog, we have given a list of the 10 best PDF to EPUB converters. You can check them out below!

10 Best PDF to EPUB Converters For Windows PC

1. Tipard PDF Converter

Tipard PDF Converter

The first converter on the list is called Tipard PDF Converter. It is one of the best PDF to EPUB converters on our list. It is available for Windows. It has a nice interface. You can convert PDFs to ePub in simple steps. It converts the documents without ruining the formatting of the document.

2. PDFMATE PDF Converter


The next PDF converter is called the PDFMATE PDF Converter. It is available for both MAC and Windows operating systems. It is not a dedicated PDF to EPUB converter. It can also convert to some other formats. You can convert scanned PDFs with this converter. You can also lock your document with a password. The interface of PDFMATE is decent and simple. You should give it a try!

3. Cisdem PDF Converter

Cisdem PDF Converter is an amazing converter with formatting options. You can convert to other formats as well. The drawback of Cisdem is that it is only available for MAC operating systems. You can not get it if you have Linux or Windows. The interface is attractive and it gives you a lot of different options like compression.

4. Xilisoft PDF Converter

Xilisoft PDF Converter

The next converter is the Xilisoft PDF Converter. It is only available for Windows. The special thing about this converter is that you can convert PDFs into different languages. You can convert in bulk. Like the previously mentioned converter, Xilisoft PDF Converter can be used to convert pictures and text. The only thing that the majority of the people don’t like is that it is paid. There is no free version of Xilisoft.

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5. Calibre

Caliber is another PDF converter. It is a free converter. It is available for all of the major operating systems like Linux, MACOS, and Windows. With the help of Calibre, you can convert it to an ePub book. The drawback of Calibre is that you can not convert scammed PDFs into ePub. Other than that it can not maintain the links in the document while conversing. It is still a better choice and you should give it a try.

6. Convertio

You might have heard of Convertio. It is a popular PDF to ePub converter. Unlike other converters on the list, it is an online PDF converter and you don’t have to download it. It is completely free and you can get your work done without having to download the converter. It allows you to convert scanned PDFs. You can also convert PDFs in bulk. Overall it is a nice choice, do check it out.

7. Online Convert

Online Convert

Online Convert is an all-in-one PDF converter. It allows you to convert images, audio, videos, ebooks, and other file formats to ePub. It is an online converter as the name says Online Convert. The major advantage of using this converter is that you don’t have to download it and you can get your work in bulk. You might get frustrated by the speed of the conversion as it can take a lot of your time. If you can deal with this problem then go for it!

8. ePUB Converter

The next PDF to ePub converter is an android application called the ePub Converter. At the moment it is only available for android devices. It is available offline and you can get your work done at any time. It is not as powerful as the other converters on the list so it might not give you the best quality. The conversation speed is decent. You should give it a try if you are an Android user.

9. ePubator

ePubator is another Android application to convert PDFs. It is free to use and you don’t have to see any ads on it. It can convert documents offline. It is an Android application so we recommend that you don’t get your work done in bulk. Other than that it is a nice converter.

10. Zamzar


The last PDF converter on our list is called Zamzar. It is a free PDF converter. It is an online tool and you don’t have to download it on your device. You can convert images, videos, audio, and ebooks with Zamzar. You can take advantage of Zamzar as it can help you to convert files in bulk.


This blog features a list of the 10 best PDF to EPUB converters. These are some of the best ePUB converters on the internet and you can use them freely. You can check out the list along with the small descriptions of each converter. Tell us which PDF to EPUB converter you like the most.

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