Domain Name Vs Web Hosting: What Is The Difference? Best In 2022

Domain Name Vs Web Hosting:

Domain vs Hosting: Are you thinking of creating a Website? Do you want to know the difference between Domain vs Hosting? We all know how important it is to understand and learn about Domain and Hosting before you buy or create a website.
But most people don’t know the main difference between Domain and Hosting. These two things are completely different and they are the most important part of a website.

You don’t have to do a complete course to understand them. You can just skim through this article and have basic knowledge about domain and hosting. So if you are interested in knowing about Domain and Hosting, keep reading this blog to the end.

What is a Domain Name?

In the clearest language, a Domain name is the name of your website that you see in the URL bar of your browser. For example, can be a domain name. It is a digital address of your website through which different people can access it. There are millions of websites on the internet so domain names are used to uniquely identify them.

Originally the address of the website is a number string like 83.6661.7773 and it is very hard for a human to memorize these strings for visiting websites so the English words in a domain name represent a string of numbers that is its address.

Types of Domain Name

There are many different types of domain names on the internet and this sum up all of them:

Generic Top Level Domain Names

The first type is used widely on the internet and they are easy to get. This type includes domain names like “.com”, “.net”, and”. org”. Many known websites use these domain names and they are one of the most popular types of domain names.

Sponsored Top Level Domain Names

The Sponsored domain names are less common and they are used by authorized organizations and institutes. These domain names include “.gov” and “.edu”. Many educational and government institutes use these domain names.

Country Code Top Level Domain Names

These domain names represent countries for example for the United States of America, .us is used. For the United Kingdom, it is .uk.

The price of these domain names varies with the uniqueness and exclusiveness.

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What is a Web Hosting?

In simple words, Web Hosting is a digital home for your website. The data and information and all kind of records of your website are kept there. Many companies offer web hosting services on the internet. You might be thinking “why can’t I save the data on my computer instead of buying web hosting?”.

Well, your computer might save data of 1-2 users but when the number of users increases to thousands, your computer will stop working because of the load. That’s why people buy Web Hosting from different companies. These companies have powerful systems to keep your data.

Domain Vs Hosting- How are they Related?

Now when you know what are Domain and Web Hosting. Let’s see how are they connected. As mentioned before, Web Hosting is a house for your website. So the domain name is the address of this house. You can not access a web hosting and its data without a domain name and likewise, you can not have an address without a hosting. So they both work together to run a website. They both are important and without these two components, it is impossible to create a website.

Where Can I Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

There are many websites online that offer this service. You can buy a domain on a yearly plan, the most famous place to get your domain is from is GoDaddy. You can buy your desired domain name if it is available and someone has not already registered it. Same for Web Hosting, you can not buy hosting permanently, you have to pay yearly to get the hosting. You can buy it from any trusted company or wherever you want.


These are some frequently asked questions about the topic.

What is the best place to buy domain and hosting?

You can buy them from various places but the most trusted are GoDaddy for domain names and BlueHost to get Web Hosting. Both of them offer yearly plans and are considered the best in this business.

What are the best domain names?

There are many valuable domain names for a website. But the most popular and used are .com, .net and .xyz.

Can I run a website without Web Hosting?

No, a website can’t work without Web Hosting. Without Web hosting, there will be no place to store your website’s data. So Web Hosting is mist if you want your website to work.


If you are creating a website then you should know about domain name and hosting as they both are important for a website to work. In this blog, we have explained both of them in the most basic manner. You can easily understand it.
If you have any questions then do ask them in the comments!

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