How To Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner’s Password- Best In 2022

Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner’s Password

Nowadays, many buyers may choose a pre-owned iPhone or an iOS device over a brand-new one. An Activation Lock screen that appears on the iPhone after purchase often causes people difficulties. Due to the fact that the device is still linked to the former owner’s iCloud account, this situation will probably occur.

As it is nearly impossible to delete an associated iCloud account without the old owner entering the related Apple ID and password to unlock their device, it becomes a severe issue.

But don’t worry, we have some suitable solutions. And by offering easy approaches, this tutorial aims to guide you through the process of How to Remove Activation Lock without the Previous Owner’s Password

Let’s get going!

Methods to Remove Activation Lock without Previous Owner’s Password

These are the top methods to remove the activation lock:

Method 1.  Make use of sophisticated software

With the help of the expert Apple Activation Lock Bypassing tool, UnicTool Upassit, you may unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without using your Apple ID or password. If you can’t use a used iPhone, can’t remember the password for the Activation Lock, or just want to reset your Apple device without checking out of your Apple ID, here is a simple way to reactivate your device.

  • In just a few minutes, you can remove the Activation Lock screen without the previous owner’s passwords.
  • The old Apple ID won’t be used to track the iDevice.
  • Practically all iOS phones and iOS versions are enabled.
  • There are no technical requirements to use this tool.
  • Access to all modes is unlimited.

UnicTool Upassit: How Do I Use It?

UnicTool Upassit

1- Get Started

Install and run UnicTool Upassit. The option to select is “Bypass apple Activation Lock Screen Mode.”

Bypass apple Activation Lock Screen Mode

Now attach your iCloud-locked device with a USB cord to your Mac.

2-  Jailbreak Your iOS Device

Upassit needs to be jailbroken in order to bypass the iCloud activation lock on iOS devices at this stage. The manufacturer-imposed software restrictions must be lifted. It’s a really simple process. To go to the next stage after jailbreaking your device, simply click “Finished Jailbreak” after following the on-screen instructions.

3- Bypass Activation Lock

Once the downloading and jailbreaking are complete, your device is ready for bypassing. Verify the device details, and then select “Start Bypass.”

Method 2. Try Bypassing DNS Server

If you’re looking for a simple method to remove the activation lock without the Previous Owner’s password, remember that the iCloud lock may only be temporarily bypassed using this DNS approach.

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Any time an Apple product is WiFi-connected, it will first establish a connection with a DNS server before attempting to contact the Apple server. Instead of using the Apple server to bypass it, you can disable the Activation Lock without the need for a password or the login information of the previous owner.

The steps to using this service are as follows:

  • Go to the “Select a WiFi Network” tab after turning on your device.
  • Select WiFi options by pressing the Home button. Next, tap the I icon that is immediately beneath your WiFi network. It will display the WiFi’s characteristics.
  • Choose “Configure DNS” and set your region as appropriate

Here is a list of DNS servers’ IP addresses:


Africa: Europe


  • Next, return to the WiFi tab.
  • Continue clicking “Next” and “Back” till the device is connected to the local iCloud DNS bypass server.
  • When you’re done, the Activation Lock screen won’t appear and you can use the device normally.

significant point.

The iCloud lock can only be briefly bypassed using this DNS technique. Following this method of deactivating Activation Lock, several features are inaccessible.

Method 3. Get Help From Apple Support

If the techniques listed above don’t work to Remove Activation Lock without Previous Owner’s password, you can try calling Apple online help and giving them the information below.

  • device’s serial number
  • The bill of sale
  • They will help you even more by providing the login information for you when they have confirmed that you legitimately possess the iOS device.

Ideally, if you can reach the previous owner,

If you can get in contact with the former owner of the iPhone, you can think about requesting them to use to remotely unlock the Find My Phone activation lock by doing the following:

  • Open a browser and navigate to the authorised iCloud website. Use the appropriate password and Apple ID to sign in.
  • Select the related device by clicking the All Devices button on the top screen.
  • Click “Erase [device]” now.
  • Click “Remove from accounts” to finish.

Remove from accounts

The Activation Lock must also be lifted at this point since the device has been completely removed from the prior owner’s iCloud account.

Summing up:

These were the best ways to Remove the Activation Lock without the Previous Owner’s Password. You might need to remove the Activation Lock without the previous owner for a range of reasons. Try UnicTool Upassit; it can assist you in easily getting around the Activation Lock. I hope this comprehensive information is useful to you. If you know of any alternative solutions to the problem, please share them with us in the comments section!

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