How To Login Router Admin Panel- Best Ways In 2022

Login To Router Admin Panel is a default gateway IP that allows user to access their router settings and configuration. When a user faces any issue with their internet, they can connect to the admin panel for the modem or router and check out the root of the issue. To connect with their router settings, users need to log in to Read this article to learn more about default gateway IP and how to access it from

What is is considered as private IP, local IP, and even Default Gateway IP as well. This IP address will provide users access to their router or modem. They can log in to and find all the settings and configurations regarding the router and internet connection. They can also check other data as well which connected with router and local area network connections too.

Connecting to your default gateway IP is required when the user needs to change settings or check the internet connections. Most of the time, could be your default gateway but if you want to make sure that it’s the right IP address, here is how to find the IP address for your router.

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How to Find Default Gateway IP of Router? is one of the common IP addresses for the router or modem, but if users want to make sure that it’s the correct one, here is how to find your default gateway IP address.

From the Windows Desktop

  • Go to control panel and find network and sharing
  • After that click on the ethernet or wifi name
  • Then in ethernet status, click on more detail
  • You will find a list of IPs, find the default gateway IP

Or go to settings and click on network and internet, then find view your network properties, and now you will find a similar list of IP. the default gateway IP is your router access address.

From Command Prompt 

  • Go to the command prompt
  • Write down “ipconfig”
  • Now find the default gateway IP which could be

For Mac Users

  • Open Apple menu
  • Now find the option titled system preferences
  • Click on the network you use for internet access
  • After that, find the word router,
  • There you will find your default gateway IP address

Once users confirm their IP address, they can connect to their router. Here is how to access your modem or router by login into

How to Login to

Sometimes when the internet is down, users can check their internet speed and connectivity directly from the router settings. Here is how to log in to the router with the default gateway IP address.

  • Open any browser on a computer or laptop that is connected with the same router
  • Now enter in the address bar
  • After that, they will find the admin login page for the router
  • Now if you have set the username and password then provide the same,
  • If you didn’t set the username and password, then enter admin in both boxes, or keep the username box blank and enter public in password
  • Once you enter that detail correctly, you will reach the admin panel of the router

Once users find the router settings and configuration, they can change details like username and password, IP address, and check all the data as well. is a common default gateway IP for brands like Thecus, Murata, EPoX & Tellus routers.

FAQ for

1 What is

It’s a default gateway IP that allows users to access router settings and internet connection along with local area network details too. This is private and public IP as well and there are other uses of as well.

2 How to find my IP address?

There are many ways to find your default gateway IP address and confirm whether it’s or not. For windows, go to settings and find network and internet and click on network properties. Otherwise, go to command prompt and write down ipconfig and you will find the default gateway IP.

3 How to find my IP in Mac?

Go to the Apple menu and then find system preference, now click on the network users are using and then they will find the word router. Next to it, they will find their IP address.

4 What are the default username and password for the router?

The most common username and password is “admin” for both. Some brands have different usernames and passwords, like blank for the username and write down “public” in the password box.

5 Why is not working?

There are two reasons for that, maybe is not your default gateway IP or maybe you are making a mistake while writing it. Make sure not to enter something like or 192.168.l.l00 which have letters like “O” and “I”.

Conclusion is the default gateway IP for a few brands that we have mentioned. Make sure to check that your IP address is the same as or not. You can also change your IP address, username, and password in router settings and configuration by login into

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