The Types Of Communication That Form the Basis Of All Marketing Campaigns- Best In 2022

Types Of Communication

To get your brand and business message out there and share new products and their virtues with your customers and client base, you need to be an effective and efficient communicator. Many failed marketing campaigns have been set out, planned, paid for, and implemented based on achieving sales and increasing revenue only to fail drastically because they haven’t been able to effectively communicate with the right target audience or set of customers.

The Types of Marketing Communication

There may be several different types of marketing communication, but the aim is all the same and it is to spread and disseminate a message to as many people as possible and essentially promote sales and the growth of the firm or organization. The main modes of communication are noted below and each of these will use a different style of communication to achieve the desired outcome.


Think of the more traditional means of marketing, such as television, magazines, and newspapers – broadcast and print. These were the predominant form of communication with clients and customers and served as the basis of most marketing campaigns. It was advertising as we knew it and is still used today. It was a one-way system of communication or providing information and product benefits to show value and encourage purchases and generate revenue.

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Digital Marketing

With the rise of the internet, it has become clear that the largest growing means of communicating with clients and customers is now done digitally. This has begun to change the type and depth of the marketing communication process. Marketing messages have become more targeted and there is a possibility on all the digital platforms for a seamless response from the customer.

This can be via email response, response to a text message, and the ability to use chat forums and review and recommendation sites, wherein customers can let the business know what they like and don’t like.

Direct Marketing

This has always been a marketing go-to and has seen widespread use by businesses across the globe. The secret is to know exactly who the client or customer is and then drop the material directly into their hands, inbox, or text messages. A great example is the use of Tatango to send political and campaign-related texts and messages that have been specifically targeted, which then allow the target audience to respond to the text and engage with the campaign.

The different things that are marketed and the different people to whom they are marketed and sold have begun to determine exactly which means or mode of communication will be used to engage and with which specific grouping. From politics to products and processes, it all needs to be sold and the only way this can happen is via a strong and sustainable brand and a clear understanding of the means and modes of communication with your audience that works for them and that serves your specific marketing purpose.

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