5 Blockchain Blog Post Ideas – A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Blockchain Blog Post Ideas: Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 are all popular topics right now, and there’s diverse scope for topics within these areas, which can make it difficult to decide on the most effective blog post idea. Writing the first blog post that comes to mind isn’t a winning strategy, as your aim is to bring in traffic. Therefore, you need to consider articles that will speak to your intended audience. To help you eliminate writer’s block, we’ve put together five excellent blockchain blog post ideas.

Blockchain History

Blockchain has only been around for 13 years but it has a rich history with plenty of action, which can make for a fascinating blog post topic. For example, you could create a list-based article named “The 5 Worst Crypto Hacks of All Time”. This is a great topic because people enjoy learning and they love controversy. If you need any inspiration within this topic area, you can start with this Blockchain history overview from TechTarget.

Blockchain App Reviews

Blockchain apps, often referred to as DApps (decentralized apps), are growing in numbers and covering more industries than ever before. As people explore blockchain, they need to know that the platforms they’re about to use are reputable. Therefore, you can try out blockchain apps and review them. While you’re reviewing apps, it pays to offer insights about underlying (layer1) blockchains like Solana and Ethereum. If you need market analysis to inform your blog posts, you can find the Ethereum current price at okx.com.

Blockchain For Beginners

Blockchain has only recently broken into the mainstream, meaning people are interested in finding resources to learn more. If you have extensive knowledge in the area of blockchain, share insights with a large community of learners. Once you’ve gained enough readers for this type of material, you can create a course as an additional monetization strategy.

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Blockchain Investor Support

Cryptocurrency investors are growing in numbers, with inexperienced traders entering the space all the time. If you have expertise in this area, you can provide knowledge on your blog. However, you will need to back up any claims with analytics and authoritative evidence. You can even integrate a crypto exchange strip into your website, which would inform visitors about the current market.

Latest Blockchain Trends and News

There are constant shifts in the crypto landscape and coins rising and falling all the time, as well as the emergence of new blockchain projects. By observing social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, networking, and watching price charts, you can write about breaking news on your blog and watch your traffic numbers rise. Even though there are countless blockchain news outlets already, there’s still a chance to gain an audience if you can break news first or offer additional reasons for visitors to stay.


The internet is flooded with information about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, and users are searching for insights, breaking news, and education. When you’re struggling to write content for your blog, take a step back and search for interesting ways to speak to your audience.

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