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Windows 10 Pro Product Keys: Windows has always been a paid operating system. To use it, it is necessary to pay the license to Microsoft. We can buy this directly in a store, in the Microsoft Store or through the manufacturer of our computer. Therefore, if we have ever bought a computer (either laptop or desktop) with Windows installed, we will have paid, even indirectly, for this system. However, times change, and today it is possible to get a legal Windows 10 key without going through the box, that is, for free. We are going to explain how.

As we probably already know, Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, just like it is also the most pirated. Mainly, this happens because users think that Microsoft’s operating system is very expensive. As this is something that does not have to be like this, we can see how we can use Windows for free without buying a key or obtaining a key for a much cheaper price than we can surely imagine.

Advantages of using a legal Windows

People are generally reluctant to pay. Even if it is for a product that you use several hours a day. This is why piracy is still a problem for music, movies, games, and even software. If I can get it for free, why should I pay?

It is true that we can find many illegal keys on the net, as well as activators, that allow us to use this operating system without paying. However, resorting to this type of program implies endangering our computers.

In the case of the keys that we can find out there, at any time they can be marked as “pirate” and blocked, leaving our computer without activating, and limiting its functions. This, initially, does not pose any problem for security, but our Microsoft Account could already be marked by the company, and lead to possible bans or legal sanctions. It has never happened, but it is a real possibility if we stop to read the terms that we accept when installing the system.

If, on the other hand, we opt for the use of programs, then we are endangering the computer. These programs are closed-source and are created by hackers. Although they fulfill their purpose, we do not know what other changes they make to the computer. There are even many “fake triggers” that are just disguised malware. Proof of this is that all these programs force us to disable the antivirus. Is it really worth jeopardizing the entire security of the PC?

Problems using Windows without activating

Microsoft is already in charge of trying to convince us in different ways to acquire a license for its system and activate it. In fact, in the latest version of the operating system that we have had at our disposal for a few months, we find a series of inconveniences and annoyances within the software itself. These are precisely the ones that we are going to describe below.

  • Watermark present on the desktop: one of the elements present in an unactivated Windows that can be annoying is a watermark that is placed on the desktop. It makes it clear that we are working on an operating system in which we have not yet introduced the corresponding license.
  • Reminder messages: that’s not all, but also, and while we work with our team, messages will appear to remind us of this fact. These are in charge of notifying us that we must activate Windows 11 or Windows 10 to enjoy all its functionalities.
  • We can not change the personalization: one of the big problems that those who use Windows without activating find themselves, is related to the personalization of the software. This system offers us a multitude of functions related to this theme, but we will not be able to benefit from them without an active license. The limitations that we find in this section are:
    • Change the background or apply themes.
    • Change system colors.
    • Modify the default Windows font.
    • Configure the start menu and taskbar.
  • Notice in the Settings application: there are several sections that are considered essential in this operating system. The Settings app is one of them. That is why Microsoft is already in charge of notifying us about the activation of Windows in this very common section. Obviously, this can become a nuisance over time.

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