Download Files Without Login With Course Hero Downloader In 2023

How To Download Files Without Login With Course Hero Downloader

Looking for a Course Hero answer downloader? Are you weak in your studies or just want to upskill? No need to worry we have found ways to help you download files from Course Hero without login. In this article, you will learn about tools that will help you download material from course hero without any login for free. Tools include 3rd party websites and extensions.

Course Hero is an educational website that provides study material for students. You can find study material on various subjects. You will find resources like textbooks, Research, Literature, and many other resources. The site also contains answers to almost all the problems related to every subject. 

With all of these useful resources, the website is a lifesaver for students, the website is very useful. Course Hero also has a feature that provides step-by-step solutions to user-uploaded problems. But the website is not free. It requires a subscription fee to download these files. 

But no need to worry there are still some ways that will help you to download Course Hero files for free.  If you can not pay for the Course Hero Subscription fee then you can download files from Course Hero by using a Course Hero Downloader.

You can also download study and research material from Course Hero by downloading Extensions and plugins. Read the full article to get to know the whole process of downloading files.

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Methods To Download Course Hero Files Without Login 

Here we will discuss some key methods that will help you get your download study material and answers from Course Hero so you don’t have to spend on Books and Tutors. Look at this method and choose the one that suits you best.

1. Course Hero Downloader

Well, you might probably be wondering What is Course Hero Downloader? Course Hero Downloader is a third-party tool designed to download all your study material including all your textbooks, literature, and Answers from Course Hero without Login.

You can also download files from Course Hero without login just by following the simple step-by-step guide.

Course Hero Downloader

  • First of all, Open your web browser and go to the Course Hero website.
  • Now search for the document you wish to download and click on it.
  • From the address bar of your browser copy the link of the file.
  • Now open a new tab on your browser. Search for Course Hero Downloader.
  • On the site Under Course Hero Downloader Logo, you will see a bar for entry. Paste the copied link there.
  • Now click on Get Link.

You have successfully downloaded the file that will help you pass your exam free of cost.

2. CHDL Extension 

Course Hero files can be downloaded easily by installing a simple browser extension CHDL. Browser extensions are tools installed on a browser that can be used to ease your work on any webpage you visit. 

This browser Extension is unavailable on the Chrome web store or any other browser store. You can download this Extension directly from GitHub. You can download and use the CHDL extension on your browser by following the simple step-by-step guide below.

  • The first step before downloading the CHDL extension is to turn on developer mode in your browser
  • You can turn on the developer mode by following this simple guide 
    • Open your browser 
    • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner.
    • Click on More Tools
    • Next Select Extensions
    • Now turn on the Developer Mode.
  • Now open the GitHub website to download the CHDL extension.
  • On the search bar type CHDL extension and download it.
  • The zip file will be downloaded in a few seconds.
  • After downloading, extract the file.
  • Now again click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser >>> More Tools >>>> Extensions >>>> Developer Options >>>> Load Unpacked.
  • A window will appear, Now locate the extracted folder.
  • Now select the extracted folder. The CHDL extension will be added to your browser.
  • After the extension has been installed a notification will appear confirming the installation.
  • Now open the Course Hero site and search for the document you want to download.
  • Click on the document and a new page will appear.
  • On this new page, right-click from your mouse then click CHDL, then click download this file.
  • Wait until your file is downloaded 

You can use the CHDL extension to download any file from Course Hero. Now enjoy your free study material.


Course Hero is a website that has all the material needed by a student to study various subjects. But it has a subscription fee that not so many students can afford. But you can download Course Hero Courses, files, textbooks, and answers for free. You can download them using Course Hero Downloader which is a third-party tool that allows users to download files from Course Hero. You can also download the CHDL extension to download any file from Course Hero.

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